Sometimes, “Goodnight” is code for, “I will never stop loving you, for as long as I live.”

Sometimes, “Goodnight” is code for, “I will never stop loving you, for as long as I live.”


Eline Visscher Photography

Fear both the heat and the cold of your heart, and try to have patience, if you can.

Unfinished Tales, J.R.R. Tolkein (via onbarefoot)

And, I can’t sleep for the ache of missing you.
I may make a mess out of loving you, but that “loving you” part will never change.

If pain is inspiration, I would rather remain dull.

It gets harder to write as life becomes full.

Full of love.
Full of peace.
Full of early morning coffees and late night lounging on a white leather couch watching the same old, same old.
Full of pizza crumbs in the backseat of a beat up grey Mazda.
Full of errands and odd ends that cause a slow leak in time; draining it quietly, like an over filled tub.
Full of, “I love you’s,” “I’m almost there’s,” and “Did you remember to pick up the…’s.”
Full of first fights, being the first to apologize and “first time for everything’s.”
Full of serious conversations about The Way Things Are, and how we Wish They Could Be.
Full of bath times and dinner times and bed times and story times and prayer times and leaving times and deadlines and headlines.
Full of iPhone photos depicting a life that looks nothing like the one I planned to have on Tumblr, but oh!

Oh, how unremarkably beautiful it all is.

No sweeping landscapes or majestic mountains.
No flower wreaths in perfectly curled hair.
No espresso art, nor towering shelves of unread books in an untouched, in-home, under-a-staircase, hidden library.

Just dog hair dusted wooden floors, black leggings and cheap coffee, in a usually clean kitchen, cooking dinner with someone who makes my heart satisfied with the ordinary.

How extraordinary.

How pleasantly dull and predictable. How stable and sweet and marvelously mundane.
How ridiculously, reliably, refreshingly real.

How silly.
How fulfilling.
How astonishingly perfect.